I have started about five books in all and only finished two.  One of them I published.  It is titled “Dewpoint” and is a fiction murder-mystery. 

Soon I will place the second book I finished titled “Pharaoh’s Secret” here in its entirety for your reading benefit.  I gave up on the notion of ever getting published, so never re-visited the other three starts.  One or two had some promise though and I had fun with all.  I always laugh to myself, when people tell you that they have always wanted to write a book.  There is more work than you can possibly imagine.  I think I proof-read Dewpoint over two dozen times and had three friends with literary majors also read.  And I still find things needing correcting! Come see me and I will sign a copy for you. Or click on the link below, I have two complete books here and two or three unfinished. I would really appreciate feedback on any or all, as it may encourage new inspiration to finish these books in the future. Click link to read my books for free!