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  1. This is a 14-Unit apartment complex I designed in Pacific Grove. There used to be a 3-story, turn-of-the-century Victorian home still standing on this end of the block property. The owners wanted to demolish the old family homestead, but I found a couple retiring from the bay area who wanted a new Victorian designed for them on a lot a few blocks away. I managed to get the owner’s to sell the home to them for $1 and they then paid for the home move that was placed on the bare property, where a ground floor double car garage and laundry/storage and new foundation were added. The old house was entirely modernized and totally remodeled for pennies on the dollar. Both clients were extremely happy by the sale and results. The approval in the time of a “no-growth” period in Pacific Grove was an accomplishment for me at the time and I am proud at how this modern version of a Victorian-Style could fit into the old neighborhood. The units are actually 3-story from the lower interior courtyard, where a driveway serves lower level individual garages.


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